[Dirvish] Confusion about excluding and including

Vortex vortex at versanet.de
Fri Apr 19 07:38:55 UTC 2019


On 19.04.19 08:55, Paul Slootman wrote:
> OK...
> In the summary file there are lines showing what exclude rules are
> actually used, as well as the rsync command line itself (beginning with
> "ACTION:"). Could you show those lines? That can help explain how the
> exclude rules are combined.

thanks again, here ist the line from the log:

ACTION: rsync -vrltH --delete -D --numeric-ids -pgo -S --stats
root at vortex-1:/ /media/user/bank/vault/filename-2019-04-19-09-24/tree

In the temporary file "exclude" and in the summary file after the
backup, the exclude list is this:

	- lost+found/
	- .cache/
	- .gvfs/
	- temp/
	- /media/*
	- /run/*
	- /sys/*
	- /tmp/*
	- /proc/*
	+ /media
	+ /media/*
	- some_dir_in_home/*
	- another_dir_in_home/*

The lines from lost+found to /proc are from the master.conf, the four
last lines are from the dirvish.conf.

All seems to be there, but /media is still being excluded as long as I
leave "- /media/*" in the master.conf. :(

> I would remove the -v from the ssh invocation, it serves no purpose
> here.

Ah yes, I think I put it there sometime to have more information in the
log when I set it up.



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