[Dirvish] Contribution

Andreas Kotes count-dirvish.org at flatline.de
Tue Apr 16 09:53:00 UTC 2019


On 16.04.19 11:26, Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Mon 15 Apr 2019, Christian Kranich wrote:
>> As the project seems not too active currently I am asking myself if
>> - it is quiet because it is simply smoothly running where it is used
>> or
>> - Simply almost nobody is using it anymore?
> I use it on lots of systems. Just make sure the cron mail reaches you
> and you get a message if a backup failed. For the rest it's fire and
> forget.

yupp, same here. we could also register it with a domain registrar like
gandi.net, which allows multi-person control of the domain registration,
so recover isn't that hard if anything happens to any of us.

we've also got the (currently unmanaged) https://github.com/dirvish
organization, which might be a good place for the sourcecode and (via
github pages and a CNAME) the website.

the last time the question was which was "the real" branch/fork, IIRC -
but I don't think having multiple would be a real issue, considering the
way git works. just merge as needed and release from each branch.

I'm happy to help keep the lights on either way.


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