[Dirvish] Contribution

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Tue Apr 16 09:26:32 UTC 2019

On Mon 15 Apr 2019, Christian Kranich wrote:
> As the project seems not too active currently I am asking myself if
> - it is quiet because it is simply smoothly running where it is used
> or
> - Simply almost nobody is using it anymore?

I use it on lots of systems. Just make sure the cron mail reaches you
and you get a message if a backup failed. For the rest it's fire and

> Currently I plan to install it on the new local backup server - and
> I would like to give something back to the project.
> Does anybody know what is needed most?
> What are the issues hurting most?

The thing that is worrying me the most at the moment is the handling of
dirvish.org (mailinglist, website). The last message from Keith Lofstrom
(who is currently handling this all-important task) was
where he announced that Bart Massey would take it over, but I've not
heard any followup on this since :-(

Now I don't know how much network traffic dirvish.org handles on
average, in a pinch I could host it, although I too do not have much
time to spend on this. I wouldn't mind paying for the domain
registration either, if necessary.

Either way, Keith has indicated that he can't keep on doing this, which
I appreciate; I'm just grateful that he stepped up when the original
author of dirvish sadly passed (J.W. Schultz).


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