[Dirvish] Contribution

Christian Kranich office at kranich.com
Mon Apr 15 20:57:02 UTC 2019

Hi All,

I used Dirvish on two backupservers over the years and was almost happy.
(One of the servers was on a wiggly wireless connection which dropped
frequently; sometimes I lost overview on results of backup runs; I was
not really a fulltime admin and my other timetable was overcrowded...)

Fortunately, I was not hit by any server faults...

Now I came back to upgrade a few servers and was looking for a backup
software. After looking around for a while - found out that I like the
concept of dirvish still most!

As the project seems not too active currently I am asking myself if
- it is quiet because it is simply smoothly running where it is used
- Simply almost nobody is using it anymore?

Currently I plan to install it on the new local backup server - and
I would like to give something back to the project.

Does anybody know what is needed most?
What are the issues hurting most?

Kind Regards,


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