[Dirvish] Replacing backup drive

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Jul 13 23:42:37 UTC 2018

   I've been using dirvish for many years and my external backup drive (a
nominal 500G with fdisk -l reporting capacity as 465.8G) is getting full. In
fact, a couple of weeks ago it ran out of room so I deleted the most ancient
directories so it's now at 95% capacity. (I don't recall every needing to
restore a file or directory from a backup more than a week in the past.)

   I now have a new 2T Hitachi drive. Looking on the dirvish web site the
link to the old guide cannot find that page, and I don't recall how to set
up the replacement drive.

   My questions:

   1. The current server (to be replaced Real Soon Now) uses ext3. Can the
backup drive be formatted using ext4?

   2. The current server has multiple partitions (a remnant from the mid- to
late-1990s); the vault has these mount points:
# ls /mnt/hd/
lost+found/  salmo-home/  salmo-root/  salmo-var/
salmo-boot/  salmo-opt/   salmo-usr/

   The new server will have have /, /home, /root, /boot, /opt, and /data on
two drives.

   3. Is there a better scheme for the vault? How about adding a / directory?

   What advice do you computer professionals have for me germane to dirvish
and replacing the backup drive?



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