[Dirvish] pre-client failed (32512) error.

Scott Walker scott.walker at framestore.com
Fri Oct 27 17:32:55 UTC 2017

In my default.conf I have:

pre-client: /root/scripts/job_kam1_raid1.sh

The script is as follows:

[root at mtldirvish2.mtl kam1_raid1]$ cat /root/scripts/job_kam1_raid1.sh

# Check if running
# Replace the from= line with the path needed from /srv/dirvish.

if pgrep -f "from=/srv/dirvish/servers/kam1/kam1_raid1" > /dev/null
   echo "rsync is already running"
   exit 1
   exit 0
[root at mtldirvish2.mtl kam1_raid1]$

But everytime I run the dirvish --vault kam1_raid1 I get

[root at mtldirvish2.mtl kam1_raid1]$ dirvish --vault kam1_raid1
bash: /root/scripts/job_kam1_raid1.sh: No such file or directory
kam1_raid1:default pre-client failed (32512)

I'm really at a loss now :(


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