[Dirvish] Is the project still alive?

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Tue Jun 28 11:57:23 UTC 2016

On Wed 15 Jun 2016, George wrote:

> Ok, thanks. I saw no update since 2 years ago when I started using dirvish
> so I thought it is no longer maintained.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it :-)

> The first issue is that if a dirvish backup starts at for example 22:00 and
> ends after 00:00 then the summary file will not contain the Backup-complete
> and Status lines. Anyway to fix that?

I've never seen that. That said, I usually start my backups after
midnight. There's nog logic that checks for the same date or whatever,
so I'm wondering whether the backup has actually completed in your case.
Check the logfile.

> The second issue is that when I add exclusions to the master.conf file and
> create the initial backup but for later I decide to add additional excludes
> to master.conf file then they are no honored at all in all the future
> backups. The only way to add the additional excludes I found is to add the
> exclude: settings to the default.conf file of each particular vault. Any
> way to fix this?

Again, I don't see this. Any excludes I put the the vault's config is in
addition to what is in the master.conf.

Perhaps you can show what exactly you put in the master.conf and then
show the log lines where those files are copied anyway? Also show the
rsync command line as shown in the summary file.


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