[Dirvish] Filesystems for big partitions

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Thu Oct 8 07:54:11 UTC 2015

On Thu 08 Oct 2015, Andreas Nitsche wrote:
> maybe you want to think about having more banks with smaller partitions
> in case of a filesystem check or even a resize. I'm still using ext4 for
> my backup filesystem because I didn't knew it better when I setup the
> machine. I resized the partition from 4 to 6 TB for which I first need a
> filesystem check which needs to have 4 GB additional RAM and it took

I generally use ext4, as it performs well and predictably.
Do the resize online and you don't need to perform the fsck (don't ask
me about the reasoning behind that, I have no idea).

I have had the most terrible problems with XFS as a filesystem for
dirvish, a lot of bugs were triggered (this was a couple of years ago).

Btrfs with the default dirvish mode of operation (rm -r of old images)
couldn't keep up, background garbage collection after a daily removal
took more than 24 hours to clean up. Using snapshots would probably
solve this, there are patches to dirvish floating around to do this.

I have no experience with ZFS. I don't know whether it works as well on
linux as on Solaris; my experience with XFS which also originated on
another Unix shows that proven track record on another Unix doesn't
automatically mean that it'll work just as well on linux.


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