[Dirvish] Subsequently expanding the tree?

Vortex vortex at versanet.de
Sat May 2 06:55:44 UTC 2015

Hello Isaac,

thank you very much, I will try that. I improvised with another vault
for anything BUT /home/user, but I would prefer a one-vault solution.

And thank you for reminding me of hardlink. I used it years ago and just
forgot about it since then. :*)



On 02.05.2015 00:01, Isaac W Traxler wrote:
> You could do the following:
> - make a new backup for home
> - initialize it
> - move all of your existing stuff into the directory
> - run the hardlink command: hardlink /backup/system/home  (or whatever it 
> is called)
> This does mean that for a while you have duplicate files. It might work to 
> just change your config and then do an init and then the hardlink (without 
> the moving...).
> After my backups finish, I actually run ardlink on each of them (every 
> file system I backup goes to a unique file system on the backup server). 
> Dirvish/rsync is simply comparing the current server to yesterday. If a 
> file keeps alternating between two versions you will have lots of unique 
> copies of it. By running the hardlink command you discover the redundant 
> files and eliminate them.
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> On Fri, 1 May 2015, Vortex wrote:
>> Date: Fri, 1 May 2015 10:31:22
>> From: Vortex <vortex at versanet.de>
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>> Subject: [Dirvish] Subsequently expanding the tree?
>> Greetings,
>> how can I change the tree in the default.conf for future backups so that
>> dirvish still recognizes the existing files for hardlinks?
>> Say, I have images for /home/user an now I want to save the whole /home.
>> I tried to change the tree in default.conf from /home/user to /home and
>> moved the contents of the last good image in /bank/vault/tree to
>> /bank/vault/tree/home to match the new tree path. But dirvish didn't
>> recognized the data in /home/user to be the same in
>> /bank/vault/tree/home/user and copied all data anew.
>> I don't want to lose the hardlinks for the already backed up data.
>> Of course, I could just make another tree for /home *except* /home/user
>> but I want to keep the whole directory structure as it is in the original.
>> I hope I made myself understandable. ;)
>> Cheers
>> Vortex
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