[Dirvish] steps forward for Dirvish?

Tamas Papp tompos at martos.bme.hu
Mon Mar 31 20:33:46 UTC 2014

On 03/31/2014 10:18 PM, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> Great stuff, Isaac!  As you point out, most of us have a stable
> solution, and our own tweaks, which would be great to share.  I
> maintain dirvish.org, though don't develop the code myself.
> I would be glad to help someone move the information on the
> current website (and years of backups!) over to sourceforge
> and/or github, then transfer the domain ownership.  I'm not
> getting any younger.
> I started dirvish.org when jwshultz disappeared, and a community
> of users has formed around it.  My job is custodial - development
> is welcome, but the core functionality must be preserved, because
> so many of us depend on it.  For a time, a modified version of
> dirvish was backing up kernel.org and mozilla - imagine breaking
> THOSE backups.
> So, I prefer to pass this on to those who agree to maintain a
> trustworthy stable branch as well as develop new capabilities.
> Color me cautious.
> We want to make install easier for new members of our community,
> but most of the setup errors we've seen stem from misunderstanding
> the idea of backup, not the admittedly clunky install and wierd
> config file formats.
> Personally, I would like to see far more capabilities for rapid
> recovery - that is when time is most precious.  Maintenance of
> backups; deduplicating files, looking for faults, perhaps even
> aiding security and rootkit detection.  Preparing for "when not
> if" backup drive failure.  Extracting maximum value from the
> backups we labored to produce. 

I also have a wishlist:)

• make sure to not remove last successful backup ever
• full "use strict;" compatibility
• dirvish-expire --vault after successful backup
• change "dirvish-expire" functionality to "dirvish-expire --all"
• stabilize btrfs support, add send/receive support
• add zfs support (both rsync and send/receive)
• add --debug switch to not remove wrong snapshot
• expire -> remove whole vault instead of tree
• expire: not just cron like rules, but something like "keep every first
successful snapshot of the month"
• better ssh tunnel handling/debugging
• better remote logging/error code handling
• resume broken backup
• ability to remove -pgo switches
• packaging, github, GPL
• special agent for tunneling (no ssh)

A couple of months ago I was looking for someone who is willing to
develop at least some of them (not for free), but I was not successful:/


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