[Dirvish] steps forward for Dirvish?

Isaac W Traxler traxler at lsu.edu
Mon Mar 31 18:57:20 UTC 2014

Dirvish is a stable working product. Most questions that hit the list turn 
out to be related to learning how to use it.

I curently use it as a backup soluton and I am quite happy with it. I have 
extended it:

- yaml configuration
- script to process yaml and generate dirvish config files, create file 
- xymon plugin to provide alerts for failed backups
- regeneration of mlocate db for each bank
- working on reasonable hardlink solution (to deduplication)

You can see a small presentation I did and links to the extensions at: 

As always, this software has no warranty or claim of usefulness -- borrow 
at your own risk.

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On Mon, 31 Mar 2014, Peter Michaux wrote:

> Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 13:46:59
> From: Peter Michaux <petermichaux at gmail.com>
> Reply-To: Dirvish user and developer mailing list <dirvish at dirvish.org>
> To: dirvish at dirvish.org
> Subject: [Dirvish] steps forward for Dirvish?
> Hi,
> I've been learning about Dirvish lately as a possible option for my
> web server backup needs. Dirvish looks like it can do what I need. My
> concern is that Dirvish development has been inactive for so long.
> Does Dirvish need or deserve some energy put its way? Are potential
> new users better off choosing another rsync-based snapshot solution?
> Some things I think might be helpful
> * move the Dirvish source code repository to GitHub
> * convert Dirvish to a standard CPAN-style module with standard
> ExtUtils::MakeMaker or Module::Build install
> * make code more reusable by moving as much as possible to Dirvish.pm
> * distribute Dirvish over CPAN
> Thoughts?
> Peter
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