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Gibson McNeil Boyle gibsonboyle at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 9 23:50:29 UTC 2014

Thanks Eric for the quick response.
Copssh (OpenSSH 6.5p1) and cwRsync (Rsync 3.1.0) are both based on Cygwin 1.7.27 hence the use of cygwin drive notation is not an issue. The master.conf file used was the same with and without ssh while the default.conf file used with ssh (set up successfully for connection without a password) is as follows:

    client: dirvish at
    tree: "/|tmp-drive=x|rsync=c:/Copssh/ICW/bin/rsync.exe|cygpath=true|c:/Work"
    index: text
    log: text
    expire-default: +15 days
    rsync-client: "c:/Program Files/True Blade Systems/tb-rsync-vss-32.exe"
    numeric-ids: 1

In the case without tb-rsync-vss, the tree string used was /cygdrive/c/work while the rsync-client entry was commented out

I am sorry about the use of the word 'convoluted' but I was at a loss of a better expression to use at the time and I agree with you that in this instance of a pull transfer of data to the location of the dirvish routines and the transfer of all parameters in the rsync mode, there probably is no better option.

I await your feedback once you have your instances up and running



On Monday, March 10, 2014 12:01 AM, Eric V. Smith <eric at trueblade.com> wrote:
On 03/09/2014 06:24 PM, Gibson McNeil Boyle wrote:
> I have dirvish setup and tested using both ssh (copssh) and rsync
> (cwRsync). Both utilities are available from www.itefix.no. The setup is
> backing up a windows folder to a NAS (linux platform). Tests copying
> files with and without ssh (rsync daemon) were successful. 
> To overcome the issues associated with rsync while copying open/locked
> files, I tried out Eric Smith's tb-rsync-vss-32 wrapper. Unfortunately,
> dirvish returned broken pipes errors using ssh. I used a default.conf
> file very similar to the example provided in the Bitbucket article.

Hmm. There's some way to have tb-rsync-vss-32 produce a log file.
Coincidentally, I'm setting up a new Windows machine so I have occasion
to look into the source code this week. I'll report back on my progress.

> I shall be grateful to hear about the experience of other users with
> this tb-rsync-vss utility..
> 1. Is it necessary that I must use cygwin, sshd and rsync instead of
> copssh and cwRsync?

I don't see why cygwin's versions of these tools would be required. The
code does nothing cygwin specific, that I know of. It does know about
cygwin specific paths, but there's a documented way to turn that off.
It's probably not well tested.

> 2. If the tb-rsync-vss utility and its convoluted parameters is a
> logical replacement for rsync, should it not be useable in all cases
> where rsync is used including when run as a daemon in a secure network
> possibly with the addition of an extra colon at the beginning of the
> tree string in the default.conf file?

Heh. "Convoluted" is an understatement. I'm open to ideas on making it
simpler, but if you live with the restriction that all of the
configuration must be done on the side running dirvish and passed via
"rsync" command line parameters, I don't see what other choice you have.

I don't think it could replace the "rsync as a daemon" scenario, because
it doesn't listen to any sockets. It relies on ssh starting it up,
thinking it's a non-daemon version of rsync. Maybe it could be made to
work with inetd doing the listening, but I've not thought it through
(nor tried it, obviously).

I hope that helps. When I get my new instance installed, I'll let you
know. I'll be running the 64 bit version, but the source code is
identical between the two versions.


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