[Dirvish] New Backup Drive Case and Dirvish Cannot Find Old Defaults

Michael Richardson michaelr at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Oct 22 18:36:19 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 23 October 2012 06:31:32 shouldbe q931 wrote:
> Have you checked your Dirvish install to make sure that it is completing ?

That would be my line of enquiry also.  Most likely, the image that would 
otherwise expire will have a status of "warning" (some files vanished before 
being transferred, or similar).[1]

Running something like `grep -i status $DIRVISH_BANK/salmo*/*/summary` should 
make it pretty clear what's happening.  If you're happy with the status (or 
otherwise) of that image, you can always just change the status entry to 
"success", and it will then expire as expected.



[1] From the dirvish-expire man page: "Dirvish-expire will not delete an image 
unless it finds at least one image in that branch that has an intact image 
tree and Status: success in the summary that is not expired."

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