[Dirvish] no backup by cron or runall command

Cédric Gérard cedric at lsq.be
Tue Oct 16 08:28:41 UTC 2012


I am new user of dirvish, my english is not good, sorry for that.

I have installed dirvish by a simply apt-get, on a debian squeeze

> dirvish version 1.2 

When I invoke 

> dirvish --vault mybackup 

it's work perfectly, my backup is created on a 'dated folder'  but if I invoke

> /usr/sbin/dirvish-runall (of is cron invoke this command)

I have return:

> 10:23:16 done

but no backup is initiated, no folder is created in my bank

I added the path in cron, but not effect.

Did you help me?

HAve a nice day!


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