[Dirvish] Dirvish on ubuntu with dash

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 9 11:30:34 UTC 2012

Jason Boxman wrote:
> I didn't want this solution to get lost in the void.  It was provided to me
> by Ralf Weinedel.
>> Ubuntu uses dash for default 'sh' and the call must _export_ the
>> environment variables to be available inside the scripts. As a workaround I
>> changed the sub scriptrun in dirvish (around line 942)

> /bin/sh -c 'cd /var/backup/<vault>/20111228-3/tree;
> DIRVISH_DEST=/var/backup/<vault>/20111228-3/tree
> DIRVISH_IMAGE=<vault>:default:20111228-3 DIRVISH_STATUS=success ;
> /etc/dirvish/pre-server'

I'm not a shell expert so hopefully somebody else will chime in but
isn't the problem actually the semi-colon between the environment
variables and the command? Where does that come from?

Cheers, Dave

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