[Dirvish] Filesystem full

Andre Losss Andre.Loss at web.de
Fri Jan 6 15:37:13 UTC 2012

Yes, it is an dynamic IP-adress.

How can I test, if it runs out of inode?


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On Fri 06 Jan 2012, Andre Losss wrote:
> Free space on device is about 188 GB - more than enough for every file I
> want to backup. 
> I checked the rsync_error-file, but I dont't understand the message. I
> attache the file, maybe somebody can help.

: Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address ''
to the list of known hosts.

This tells me that it's the first time you've connected to the system
you're backing up? Ah, it's a german subscriber line, which gets a new
IP every day, right?

: rsync: write failed on
0103_CD_Bestand_Mehltheuer/zur Info/1940005304-5646135-PLA-06-000-1.tif": No
space left on device (28)

Well, the message is fairly clear: no space left...

One thing that now occurs to me is that perhaps you've run out of

> The only idea I have is the filename is to long. Are where any

I don't think that's the problem. It is limited, but it's usually
something like 1024 bytes. The limit depends on your OS. Anyway, the
message would be different ("cannot create file: filename too long" or

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