[Dirvish] Dirvish and Strato Hi-Drive?

brian Brian_Dorling at t-online.de
Wed Jan 4 15:54:08 UTC 2012

On 01/04/2012 10:28 AM, madworm_de.dirvish at spitzenpfeil.org wrote:
> If it supports rsync with ssh transport, you should at least be able to duplicate/push your local backup to their site, once the local backup is
> complete. I do the reverse with my webserver, pulling its backups to my local removable disk. But I guess you'd like to immediately store the backup
> to a remote site.
> I don't know if dirvish natively supports vaults on remote hosts. And I also don't know if this service can be mounted with 'sshfs' to a local
> directory (which could then be used with dirvish). But as SCP is supposed to work... maybe ;-)
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Hi, cant say anything about Strato, but I do use dropbox for some 
non-essential stuff.
Not that I have an essential stuff that I dont trust them with.

Its as easy as setting up a folder on your server, and just putting your 
Dirvish Vault
into that folder, dropbox will do the rest. Plus its all encrypted 
automatically by dropbox.
So basically like what madworm says in the first paragraph.

The advantage over using rsync directly is that the rsync would take a 
long time, sending all
the data over the WAN. This way the rsync is over quickly and dropbox 
forwards the stuff in
the background as fast as the WAN supports.

BTW I only have experience with dropbox, others may do this sort of 
thing better. YMMV
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