[Dirvish] migrating to Dirvish

Eric Searcy emsearcy at gmail.com
Tue May 31 21:13:19 UTC 2011

On May 30, 2011, at 9:04 AM, shouldbe q931 wrote:

> I tried to "cheat" by initially only setting up the default.conf to only copy one small subdirectory on the main server, then after it had finished, changing the default.comf to be fule full file set, then going into /tree and doing an "rm-rf *", then doing a "cp -alR /RAID/backups/current/* /RAID/Snapshots/main-server/<date>/tree/" which created a pure "hard link" backup set, but when I then ran "dervish --vault main-server" after the initial "receiving file list" it then started to transfer files rather than create another "hard link" <date>/tree set.

Seems like a reasonable strategy.  Perhaps try checking out the rsync command listed in the `summary' file of the non-init (second) run.  Run that interactively in dry-run with three or four -v's to see why it's copying files you think it should be skipping.


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