[Dirvish] Newly added directory isn't backed up

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Thu May 26 06:25:00 UTC 2011

Am 25.05.2011 12:01, schrieb Dave Howorth:
> Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
>> But dirvish never followed the symlink /foo/backup to the new /backup
>> directory (I think that is ok, I simply forgot).
> OK, I think I understood everything up until here, and this is expected
> behaviour as I think you understand.
>> But in my dirvish backup, I have considered the directories directly
>> deviating from root by making a "backup-root" directory on the discs and
>> excluding those which are nonsense. So yesterday I expected, after
>> having made a directory "backup-backup" for /backup on the backup medium
>> and putting the dirvish conf file into it that dirvish would consider
>> /backup last night, but it didn't.
> But I'm not following exactly what you've done here. It sounds like you
> have misconfigured something, or if you've created a new vault then
> you've forgotten to create the initial image. But without seeing what
> your actual configuration is, it's very difficult to spot any mistakes
> in it! So please give more detail.

Ok, you're right - this was kinda confusing. Of course, I forgot to 
initiate the new vault, thanks for the reminder :-) After doing so at 
4:41 pm yesterday, I expected it to run again in the regular backup last 
night, but this morning I found it did not. Looking around, I recovered 
/etc/dirvish/master.conf and added the missing line under Runall ;-) Now 
I hope it will do as expected tonight.

I tend to forget these things when everything just runs as expected for 

But I still wonder why it doesn't follow /backup whilst it does so in 
other directories in "/". It saves the directory /backup, but it leaves 
it empty. Maybe there is a default for "/" somewhere?


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