[Dirvish] Newly added directory isn't backed up

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Wed May 25 09:33:05 UTC 2011

Hi folks,

Bit lengthy explanation, but I hope it's clearer this way:

Searching for backups of our one-and-only Windows machine, I detected 
that dirvish had never made any backups of it, or at least has not 
during the last few weeks.

On the (Linux) server, there is one directory offered by Samba for the 
Win machine. Let's call it /foo. This directory has always been backed 
up by dirvish and used to have a sub-directory /foo/backup for the 
Windows machine to play over some its data to be backed up, too.

However, /foo is on a very small partition, so due to the Windows 
backups it grew too much and a few weeks ago, I decided to put it into 
its own directory mounted on another partition and simply called it 
/backup. A symlink /foo/backup points the Win machine to /backup, and 
everything seemed to be fine.

But dirvish never followed the symlink /foo/backup to the new /backup 
directory (I think that is ok, I simply forgot).

But in my dirvish backup, I have considered the directories directly 
deviating from root by making a "backup-root" directory on the discs and 
excluding those which are nonsense. So yesterday I expected, after 
having made a directory "backup-backup" for /backup on the backup medium 
and putting the dirvish conf file into it that dirvish would consider 
/backup last night, but it didn't.

What was wrong here? Did I forget something?

Thank you for any hints.


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