[Dirvish] expiry rules

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Wed Mar 16 07:49:10 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-03-15 at 20:04 -0400, Dale Amon wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 10:27:28PM +0100, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> > Is there any way to achieve what I want, or is just not how dirvish
> > works ?
> I recommend setting your expire rules to keep one
> 'never' expire per month or whatever interval pleases
> you.

Hi Dale,

thanks for answering.

I thought the third rule I use:

# backup made first saturday of each quarter is kept forever
        *   *     1-7 1,4,7,10  sat    never

Is a 'never' expire rule to keep one every three months.  Is my rule
wrong, or is it just not being handled by dirvish the way I expect ?

My suspicion is that, if for whatever reason I simply don't have a
successful backup that was made on the first saturday of a quarter,
dirvish deletes all backups of that quarter.  It's as if dirvish
'assumes' all backup runs are going to be perfect, while reality usually
is not so rosy.



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