[Dirvish] Dirvish/rsync thinking partition is 'new'

Adrian von Bidder avbidder at fortytwo.ch
Sun Mar 6 21:26:22 UTC 2011


[file renames]

On Sunday 06 March 2011 17.50:44 Dale Amon wrote:
> It's sort of the deduplication problem... if btrfs really does
> solve that, it could be a very big win.

As I said, the chmod/chown case *should* be fine today. Deduplication in 
other cases (file renames, but also similar/identical files back up from 
different hosts) are harder. Some deduplication patches to btrfs were 
discussed in January, it's not at all clear when they'll make their way into 
released kernels (+ userspace tools), but I expect it to take a year or two 
until it has become readyl for production.

-- vbi

All I can say is I've tried and used a lot of distributions, but
nothing comes close to Debian.
        -- Tarun Agnani
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