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Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Fri Jan 28 05:47:30 UTC 2011

More administrivia:

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 09:55:29PM -0600, Richard wrote:
> > Administrivia:
> >
> > After a few years of increasing wikispam, I changed the dirvish wiki
> > from Kwiki Wiki to MoinMoin , migrating about 150 pages of content,
> > mostly manually.
> Manually?  wow!  Thank you.

Not so wow.  Just - duh.   I went to the directory on the server
containing the raw text for the Kwiki pages, then used global
search and replace in vi, page by page, to change the syntax of
some things.  Then I imported the modified raw text pages one
by one into moin with the "load" command, checked how things
looked, then went back and did more editing if needed.  Rather
brainless, many hours of reading and typing and tweaking.
After all that was done, I realized it would have been faster
to write a Perl script, and hunt for some kind of "global load"
command so I could modify then import all the pages at once.

On the other hand, I got a chance to appreciate all the great
contributions so many of you have made over the past 5+ years. 
There's a lot of gold there.  That made the effort worthwhile.

Moin is more feature rich than Kwiki (although it is missing some
things), so exporting from moin to anything besides mediawiki
(a close syntactic cousin) will be very difficult.  Let's hope 
that MoinMoin, and the Python and Tex underpinnings, will be
supported and secure for a long time.  I now have 6 wikis running
under Moin on my server, and two on other machines.   Moving all
of them by hand to something very different would be hideous, and
could take weeks.  On the other hand, if that is needful, somebody
else will scratch the same itch and write a moin-to-whatever converter.

Check the Moin help pages and features.  I've configured moin
to use animations, and jsmath, so if you need to explain
something with embedded flash videos or equations, have at it.
Also, go look at http://moinmo.in//MoinMoinExtensions , and
suggest additions I should add if they might help. 

On topic:

While this moin talk seems like a distraction from dirvish, it
may turn out that wikis and templates and new macros can be
kludged into a front-end web GUI for dirvish.  Moin can run
as a single-machine stand-alone app, accessable from a web
browser.  We might be able to configure, and present run
results, save notes, pop-up explanations, etc.  That could
allow the non-programmers among us to contribute text and
explanations and runtime scripts for dirvish.  All pretty
vague and handwavy, but there are some smart people here.


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