[Dirvish] Question regarding usage of dirvish with win client and linux server

Udo Pütz udo.puetz at i-nex.de
Tue Jan 4 09:31:11 UTC 2011

I've used dirvish for some time now on several machines but had a 
problem recently in the following setup:
Linux machine (Ubuntu 8.04.4) is the dirvish server. Filesystem where 
the data is stored is xfs (on an lvm). Clients are some linux machines 
and some windows machines with cwrsync (1.7 IIRC, can verify if needed).
The problem presented itself like this: when dirvish ran, it didn't 
hardlink the files from the windows machines but rather made new files 
every time (filling the harddrive pretty fast). I verified that the 
files weren't hardlinking with stat.
The linux machines work fine (hardlinking-wise).
I made some tests back then (was ~4 months ago) and concluded back then 
that rsync thinks some attributes changed on the client side and hence 
hardlinking wasn't possible.

Now I've looked at the dirvish docs again and found the win guide and 
that got me thinking.
Do any of you have any idea what might be happening there? The setup is 
quite ugly now, I use dirvish for the linux machines and made some 
scripts myself where I save the win machines with a diff dir.
Thanks a lot in advance,
best regards
Udo Puetz
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