[Dirvish] patch for dirvish-expire, did not delete images

John Altstadt john.altstadt at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 21:48:39 UTC 2011

Hi All,

Here is a patch that I have been using for at least a year.

The versions of dirvish-expire and perl supplied in Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04 do
not work well together. Something changed in the perl implementation which
changed the behavior of dirvish-expire so that it would not actually remove
any images. dirvish-expire would go through the motions and claim that it
was deleting the images, but they were still around.

The following patch permits dirvish-expire to actually delete images again.

The version of dirvish-expire shipped with Ubuntu 10.04 has this identifier
near the beginning of the file:

#       $Id: dirvish-expire.pl,v 12.0 2004/02/25 02:42:14 jw Exp $  $Name:
Dirvish-1_2 $

The context diff follows:


diff -c dirvish-expire.original dirvish-expire
*** dirvish-expire.original    2008-05-05 10:04:03.000000000 +0200
--- dirvish-expire    2011-01-02 12:10:13.158590820 +0100
*** 171,180 ****

      $$Options{'no-run'} and next;

!     system("rm -rf $$expire{path}/tree");
      $$Options{tree} and next;

!     system("rm -rf $$expire{path}");

  exit 0;
--- 171,182 ----

      $$Options{'no-run'} and next;

!     @args = ("rm", "-rf", "$$expire{path}/tree");
!     system(@args);
      $$Options{tree} and next;

!     @args = ("rm", "-rf", "$$expire{path}");
!     system(@args);

  exit 0;


I felt it was about time I contributed something back to the community
again. Please feel free to use this patch or criticize it as you see fit. It
works for me.

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