[Dirvish] Quick help to sort out my schedual...

Eric Searcy emsearcy at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 18:35:42 UTC 2010

On Nov 9, 2010, at 3:42 PM, Don Gould wrote:

> Also, I have a string of windows (vista, xp, and I guess we'll get a 
> windows7 machine before to much longer) machines on my home/business 
> network that I'd also like to back up because dirvish is just so good... 
> can someone point me to the instructions to make it do that (yes I know 
> they're somewhere on the wiki... but if you just happen to have a book 
> mark :)

I'm not sure what may be on the wiki, but I'm using cwrsync for some MS Win Server 2003 servers.  Unfortunately, though, you can't deal with locked files with an rsync pull.  If you have to deal with VSS for backing up locked files, you can push to a samba share on the dirvish server and then have dirvish do local (host: hostname) snapshots of it.  If you set up POSIX ACL mapping and extended attribute storage for Samba and add the correct options for rsync you should be able to retain all the ACLs & file flags in the dirvish vault, too (I'm adding -XA for extended attributes & ACLs w/ RHEL5-patched rsync 2.6.8 ... I think the options have changed in rsync 3.x though).

As for a way to do the VSS-aware push, you could script vssadmin.exe to make a duplicate/snapshot drive, then cwrsync it over, but you'd loose NT ACLs since cygwin doesn't have a good way to handle them.  Making the VSS snapshot drive and then using unison to mirror it ("force" option) should work; unison claims to support Win ACLs and also has a leg up over cwrsync in that it has a native, non-cygwin build.  But it doesn't have a good way of running a persistent server to sync to (that I know of), and if instead of copying to a listening unison peer you do copying to the UNC path of the dirvish host samba share, you'll have to force fast checking to get any sort of speed ... but then its not guaranteed to detect file changes since NTFS doesn't always correctly update modification times on files being written to :-/.  And then there are commercial VSS-aware products that you could use for the push ... but at that point depending on the tool it may just be easier to use the tool's own support for snapshot aging instead of doing the dirvish snapshots...

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