[Dirvish] Initializing Vaults

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Sun Nov 7 01:02:59 UTC 2010

   I have a replacement hard drive for my backups. I partitioned and
formatted it (ext3) and defined vaults based on the new partitioning scheme
for the new server hard drive (which I'll swap for the old one once I get a
valid set of backups).

   The new drive is mounted as /media/hd0. In there I made the following
vaults: salmo-boot/, salmo-home/, salmo-opt/, salmo-root/, salmo-usr/, and
salmo-var/. In each vault I created a dirvish/ subdirectory into which is a
default.conf file.

   The default.conf file has two lines:

client: salmo.appl-ecosys.com
tree: / <or /boot or /home, ...>

   When I ran 'dirvish --init --dry-run --vault salmo-root' I saw the

client: salmo.appl-ecosys.com
tree: /
rsh: ssh
Server: salmo
Bank: /media/hd0/
vault: salmo-root
branch: default
Image: 20101106-1800
Reference: default
Image-now: 2010-11-06 18:00:55
Expire: +1 month == 2010-12-06 18:00:55
Expire-rule: *  *       *       *       7       +1 month
SET permissions devices init numeric-ids stats xdev 
UNSET checksum sparse whole-file zxfer

Command-Args: --init --dry-run --vault salmo-root
expire-default: never
         *       *       *       *       1-6     +14 days
         *       *       *       *       7       +1 month
image-default: %Y%m%d-%H%M
index: bzip2
log: bzip2
no-run: 1
post-client: echo "POST_CLIENT_RET_OK - No post-client installed"
post-server: /etc/dirvish/dirvish_mail
pre-client: echo "PRE_CLIENT_RET_OK - No pre-client installed"
summary: short

ACTION: rsync -vrltH --delete -pgo --stats -D --numeric-ids -x
salmo.appl-ecosys.com:/ /media/hd0//salmo-root/20101106-1800/tree

   And this looks OK to me. So I removed the --dry-run and now I see this:

[root at salmo ~]# dirvish --init --vault salmo-root
ssh: connect to host salmo.appl-ecosys.com port 2711: Connection refused
salmo-root:default pre-client failed (65280)

   What have I missed?



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