[Dirvish] Problem with .gvfs

Dale Amon amon at vnl.com
Sat Nov 6 18:10:17 UTC 2010

Has anyone else run across this headache?

sending incremental file list
rsync: readlink_stat("/home/amon/.gvfs") failed: Permission denied (13)
FATAL I/O ERROR: dying to avoid a --delete-during issue with a pre-3.0.7 receiver.
rsync error: requested action not supported (code 4) at flist.c(1800) [sender=3.0.7]

I'm doing an rsync from root to back up a number of directories;
however, .gvfs attributes are only visible to the user, not to
root and thus it causes the back up to fail. I'd have to do
a seperate backup for each user to get around this.

Any ideas?

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