[Dirvish] What causes a "partial transfer"

datenritter lists at datenritter.de
Fri May 7 09:09:13 UTC 2010

ususally this happens, when an ssh-connection is interrupted.

don't worry, about the "default" message, the config file ist called
default.conf, and i guess there could be ohers in the dirvish subdir -
with different names. so, "default" is just a name.


Am 07.05.2010 10:13 schrieb Rolf-Werner Eilert:
> 21:00:02 dirvish --vault backup-home
> dirvish backup-home:default error (23) -- partial transfer
> dirvish error: branch /mnt/backups/backup-home:default image 
> 20100505-2100 failed
> And why did "the default image" fail?

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