[Dirvish] Has anybody successfully restored a Linux OS (f.i., Ubuntu) with Dirvish?

Andrew Crawford andrew at evermore.com
Mon Jun 21 18:02:26 UTC 2010

JPH wrote:
> - install a fresh system
> - recover the files from back up

> JP

Another approach is to image the system partition(s) with something like


... when you first configure the system (i.e., before there are any

This is another place where having the system and data files on
different partitions is helpful (in keeping the imaging process fast and
the image file small).

Of course, you will probably want to update that image periodically
(say, when you install a new kernel and have to reboot anyway).

When you have a drive failure, you can restore the system image to a new
drive, then restore your Dirvish backups for the data.

Whether or not it is more hassle than doing a clean OS install when
there is a failure is probably debatable.  It might be a slightly faster

Andrew Crawford

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