[Dirvish] Dirvish wiki error

Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Mon Jun 21 08:13:29 UTC 2010

On 21/06/2010 7:55 p.m., Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> I've got the home page permissions set to read-only (kwiki-wiki doesn't
> have immutable pages, and that page was getting hammered with wikispam).

> Please edit the subpages.

Ok did that, but it will take someone a lot of time to find the page 
under tips and trix.  Took me an age to read the whole wiki to find all 
the info I wanted last week.

> Long term, I would like to change the wiki to moinmoin.  I have other
> instances running on my server, and the software is much better and
> more secure.

Is it really worth it?  do you get that many people wanting to make changes?

> However, I am working 18x7 these days

Hey, that leaves 42 hours a week, what do you do with those... sleep or 

, and don't have
> time to do the content translation.  If someone volunteers to move
> content (cut and paste?  yikes!), I can turn on moin.divish.org
> sometime next week.

don't mind putting in a few hours if it's wanted.

Cheers Don

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