[Dirvish] Has anybody successfully restored a Linux OS (f.i. Ubuntu) with Dirvish?

Konrad Koller koko9991 at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 19 11:27:40 UTC 2010

I like and admire Dirvish for regular backups of my home directory. So why
my provocative question? There is a lot of documentation about the saving
process, but documentation about restoring is scarce. Of course backing up
and restoring go together and everybody should check whether the restoring
process is successful and he should do so before a disaster happens. In my
case last year after having worked with a Gentoo system for 2 years and
keeping the system continuously up-to-date I had a hard drive crash and
hoped to restore Gentoo on a new hard disk with my dirvish backup, but it
failed. I don't exactly remember the details. I dropped Gentoo and since
then I backup the root partition of my Ubuntu with Clonezilla, but I miss
the advantages of Dirvish (incremental backup and access to single files)
which Clonezilla does not provide.

I would like to start a new try with a system backup by Dirvish, but I think
to need the helping hand of an expierienced user of Dirvish. One may not
forget the restoration of the Master Boot Record (Grub 2), which Clonezilla
does automatically. This was perhaps the reason for my failure last year.
Such hints are certainly also welcome by other users of Dirvish.

I thank you very much in advance.

Cheers Konrad
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