[Dirvish] Trying to get a file adopted by dirvish (but slipped in via sneakernet)

Jedd Rashbrooke jedd.rashbrooke at digitalmail.com
Wed Jun 9 08:44:25 UTC 2010


 I've been running dirvish for a few weeks now, and am really
 impressed - it's doing everything it promised, and we're about
 to start using it in a Big Way I think.

 I have one small problem, though.  Not a show-stopper, but I'm
 more and more curious about it.  If I knew perl this would probably
 be easier to solve, I guess.

 With a starting position of a large source directory, and an active
 dirvish vault, at each end of a low-bandwidth link - I want to be
 able to add a file to each end at the same time without having
 to traverse the link.  That is, if I know I'm about to put a big file
 into the file server one day - I can copy it onto a USB drive, wander
 over to the data center, transfer it to the dirvish vault, and then
 later that night dirvish run-all will merely produce a hard link to
 that file in the new day's vault entry.

 I've tried a few approaches - modifying 'yesterday's' tree to include
 this new file, modifying all existing trees to include the file,
 making sure the date and uid/gid owners are the same, etc.  But
 I'm still seeing (via stat) that dirvish is producing a new file (or
 a new inode, if you prefer) on the next run.

 Am I missing something really simple here?


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