[Dirvish] Backup size

Leopold Palomo Avellaneda leo at alaxarxa.net
Wed Jul 28 19:01:05 UTC 2010


one of the things that I like of dirvish is the manage of the files using hard 
links. I have a problem with my backups and probably is because I have 
misunderstood something.

One of my vaults have failed because there's no free space. So, dirvish has 
failed during two days. I haven't found whats happening because I had free 
space. So, my question is which is the criteria (method) so create a new file 
of make a hard link because dirvish is creating new files wasting space while 
this files are stored in files of others days?

Or, first make the copy and after search if could make the hard link and do it?

Well, i hope i have been clear.

Best regards,


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