[Dirvish] Space Problems when backing up Files from Windows

Thomas Rabe raven at drehmoment.org
Wed Jul 21 11:44:26 UTC 2010


I'm using dirvish on a debian lenny server to backup linux and a windows
machine. The space for the linux backup seems ok:
236G    20100606/tree
77G     20100713/tree
4,3G    20100714/tree
5,5G    20100715/tree
2,8G    20100716/tree
1,2G    20100717/tree
1,2G    20100718/tree
8,4G    20100719/tree
7,4G    20100720/tree

On the linux machine many files changes daily, changes up to 10 GB are ok.
However, space usage on my windows backup seems not to be ok:
33G     20100606/tree
34G     20100713/tree
34G     20100714/tree
34G     20100715/tree
35G     20100716/tree
35G     20100717/tree
35G     20100718/tree
35G     20100719/tree
35G     20100720/tree

The log says on image 20100720 only 48 files of 53083 files transfered
(these are files of the daily database backup), why need windows images
full space? Is there a problem with rotation and hardlinks?
On the windows machine runs a copssh server 3.1.1 and cwrsync 3.0.7


Thomas Rabe

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