[Dirvish] dirvish, pink ponies and duplicity

Richard dirvish at rain4us.net
Thu Jan 28 16:33:47 UTC 2010

Jim Wilcoxson wrote:
> I have a new backup program you could try, HashBackup:
> http://sites.google.com/site/hashbackup
> - continuous incrementals
> - AES encryption
> - manages "dumb" storage: ftp, imap, S3, rsync, plus anything mountable

That looks interesting from the standpoint of compressed backups.  I 
worry that the diff between one backup and the next will be so great 
that the solution is invalidated (for this particular project) due to 
the bandwidth requirements.

I can, however, give an update on where I'm going with my push backups 
so far.

The key in my instance is going to be a file based loopback device that 
can be encrypted.   Follow the rabbit trail with me for a second.

*Use 'dd' to create a file.  (100gigs let's say.)
*use losetup to assign that file to a loopback device.
*Encrypt the loopback device with the deprecated cryptsetup or the new 
*Format the loopback device
*Mount the loopback device as a dirvish bank.
*make your initial backup to the dirvish vaults on the encrypted device
*umount your encrypted loopback device
*perform your initial rsync of the file that is your encrypted loopback 

----Now starts the nightly backup procedure--

*Mount the encrypted loopback device to your dirvish bank
*run dirvish to update your vaults
*dismount the encrypted loopback device
*rsync the updated loopback file with a -c (for checksum) so that only 
the delta changes cross the wire.


I realize that this has the added step of having to find extra disk 
space or convert existing disk space to a file for use as a loopback 
--BUT-- it does allow for one to 'push' a secure dirvish bank with its 
vaults to a remote location.

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