[Dirvish] Multiple banks and multiple dirvish instances

hanj mailing at astarna.com
Wed Feb 24 15:29:58 UTC 2010


I'm currently running dirvish on 'backup' linux box on my network. On
that box there are multiple banks and things are backing up nicely (5
weeks of images / vault).

What I need to do is create a separate backup that backs up once per
month and expires after one year. So, I still want my 5 week backups on
various servers. Nothing changes there. But I'm trying to create a
yearly bank where I'm backing up the same same servers once a month and
expiring after one year. So those vaults will only have 12 images for
each server.

I was thinking of adding something to /etc/cron.monthly, but I'm having
trouble telling dirvish to use a different master.conf where bank and
vault options are. It seems to always reference
my /etc/dirvish.master.conf even if I supply a different config.

dirvish --init --vault server1 -config /etc/dirvish/master-monthly.conf

I always get server1:default:20100224: Error: image 2010224 already
exists in /bank/server1

It's referring to /bank which is in /etc/dirvish/master.conf, not my
monthly. My yearly bank is elsewhere. I feel like there is a really
easy way of doing this, so I thought I should stop and ask first.


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