[Dirvish] How big of a file can be rsync'ed?

Richard dirvish at rain4us.net
Thu Apr 15 18:11:54 UTC 2010

Paul Slootman wrote:
> rsync also has a bandwidth limiting option, which is available via
> dirvish. Search the dirvish.conf manpage for speed-limit.
Ah yes.  "speed-limit:"  which seems to refer to the  rsync "--bwlimit " 
option.  Thank you.

>> I had to use the --checksum option for sure because the date and time 
>> doesn't change on the file that contains the filesystem.  Is there some 
>> other option that I can give?
> Hmm, I'm wondering whether --checksum doesn't cause any extra overhead,
> wouldn't it be possible to touch the file to update the modification
> time prior to running dirvish? 
I'll have to try something like that.  I avoided that because I didn't 
want to update the entire file.

Speaking of updating the entire file, I found a major-major gotcha.  
When rsync copies a file without leaving the local system, it NEVER does 
a delta copy.  In its infinite knowledge and wisdom it just does a 
straight copy-replace.  When backing up a local filesystem to a local 
encrypted dirvish vault, it is important that the vault be set to a 
remote ip address such as *cough* so that rsync will use 
deltas. I saw a reduction from 30gig a night of data change to 6 gig a 
night of delta changes. (1/5th the size)


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