[Dirvish] dirvish - solaris / linux

Jason Boxman jasonb at edseek.com
Wed Sep 23 14:23:31 UTC 2009

Marc Davis wrote:
> Is there anything I particularly need to be aware of when backing up 
> solaris to a linux box?
> What about versions of rsync? 
> Installing dirvish on solaris?

I haven't seen Solaris since about 2005, so I am sure someone will 
correct me if I am mistaken.

You'll need to install Dirvish by hand, which is as I recall pretty 
easy.  You'll need to install a couple of dependencies, too, using 
Perl's CPAN.  (From the package HOWTO file)

# perl -mCPAN -e install [module]


Possibly POSIX Perl module if Solaris 10 doesn't have that.

You'll probably want to run

# perl -v && rsync --version


Although if you want this to be a Dirvish client, you just need rsync on 
the Solaris box and you're done I believe.

Was this going to be a client or a server?

I'd make sure you've got OpenSSH installed on the Solaris 10 box.  (I 
remember building it by hand on 8.)

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