[Dirvish] Dirvish and <shudder> tapes.

Kelsey Cummings kgc at corp.sonic.net
Wed Sep 16 19:17:48 UTC 2009

For a while I thought I'd never have to go back to tapes but have
decided for various reasons that I need to archive onto tape as well.
Since we have dirvish in place the banks are already replicated to
multiple locations the tapes would only need to be pulled for true
disaster recovery scenarios.  So far, my thought it so spin a set of
level zero tapes once a week from the most recent dirvish image of each
host.  In addition to the dirvish data (~1TB) we also have many TBs
of large files (some in excess of 1TB, and expected to continue to grow)
that need to be spun to tapes as well.

We've acquired a LTO4 library for the job and are trying to choose what
software we should drive it with.  It seems like Bacula and Amanda can
both do the job.  We'd probably avoid using the built in schedulers and
kicking off the jobs at the end of our existing backup scripts but still
need something that track, change and span tapes for us.

Any suggestions?

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