[Dirvish] Too much disk space for images

Eric Smith eric at trueblade.com
Fri Oct 2 11:48:41 UTC 2009

Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Fri 02 Oct 2009, Jenny Hopkins wrote:
>> 2009/10/2 Paul Slootman <paul at debian.org>:
>>>> So that when image 20090705 is deleted, the du for 20090712 will show 31.9G?
>>> No. Maybe, but you just can't tell from the info given.
>>> The "log" file I referred to earlier gives all the necessary info...
>> I think perhaps the log file for the large change in 20090830 image
>> may have been somewhere in the preceding already deleted week, as
>> suggested earlier.
> The log is in the same directory that the image is in, so as long as the
> image exists, you have the log. Look in the 20090830 directory.

While I definitely agree that looking at the logfiles is helpful, 
remember that an image (call it C) might have contained few delta files 
when it was created, because the files were in a previous image B, but 
not in an even earlier image A. If B is deleted before A, then C will 
now hold the only reference to those files it had in common with B, 
giving C a larger image size (as reported by du) than when it was 
created (as reported in the logfile).


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