[Dirvish] singling out crucial data

Loren M. Lang lorenl at alzatex.com
Wed Jun 24 04:43:31 UTC 2009

Jason Boxman wrote:
> ----- "Loren M. Lang" <lorenl at alzatex.com> wrote:
>> Jason Boxman wrote:
> <snip> 
>>> I don't want to backup the entire host hourly, as I do so nightly
>> anyway.
>>> Would I want to create an entirely new 'host' for handling this, or
>> would it make
>>> sense to finally investigate the branch feature of Dirvish, or some
>> other way?
>> I create a separate vault per partition per server and, in some
>> cases,
>> multiple vaults per partition.  I use xdev and exclude to ensure that
>> there is no overlap in backed up data.  I recommend putting data that
>> is
>> backed up more often into it's own vault and just running dirvish on
>> that vault as appropriate.  I have never looked into branches and am
>> not
>> sure when they would be used.
> I did that initially, but found it annoying to do a full metal restore
> as I needed to sync over each partition instead of a single vault tree.
> (I don't have a build server, so I either restore from backup or
> reinstall.  I prefer the former.)  I suppose I could `cp -al` it to
> another local directory, then restore from that...

My primary suggestion was putting a tree in different vaults which have
a different backup policy/schedule.  I just it easier to deal per
partition since some partitions use ACLs or extended attributes which
need to be enabled in dirvish.

I have done one full restore with this configuration and did not find it
 terrible difficult to restore all vaults individually.  After creating
LVM volumes and formatting them I created the essential directories and
mounted the volumes as appropriate.  Then to restore them, I wrote a
compound command and waited for it to finish:

rsync -avvH server1-root/20090622/tree /; rsync -avHAX
server1-home/20090622/tree /home; rsync ...

> What naming scheme are you using?  I'm using foo.domain.net for my vaults.

Currently it's foo-tree, though I might switch to using FQDNs.
/ and /home are different partition with xdev set to 1 in master.conf.
Also, /home has ACLs where / does not so I have rsync-option: -A in
default.conf for /home and home/biguserdir:
server1-home  # I have an exclude: /biguserdir/

> Thanks!
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