[Dirvish] singling out crucial data

Jason Boxman jasonb at edseek.com
Mon Jun 22 18:39:54 UTC 2009

Of late, I have been pondering taking additional steps to safeguard my data.  Currently, I have Dirvish running once a day, whatever the Debian package default cron is set for.  I am thinking about several additional steps.

1) Running an hourly for more crucial data

The volume in question is on a LVM2 LV, so I was considering doing a snapshot prior to backing up the data, perhaps in a pre-backup client script?

I don't want to backup the entire host hourly, as I do so nightly anyway.  Would I want to create an entirely new 'host' for handling this, or would it make sense to finally investigate the branch feature of Dirvish, or some other way?

2) Snarfing up crucial data and shipping it off elsewhere

Somewhat outside the realm of Dirvish, but what might be some viable ways of dealing with accounting files, SSH and GPG keys, and other critical organization data that ought to be located in additional locations off-site?  Such a step could possibly be integrated into a post-server script, depending on the nature of it and level of automation possible.  (A USB stick or DVD-RAM might need manual intervention, for example.)

3) Integrating additional storage on Windows hosts

I notice modern Windows desktop systems generally ship with a huge amount of additional storage that is completely underutilized.  While entirely outside the scope of Dirvish, I am curious if anyone has integrated the extra space into some kind of backup routine.  Site security certainly plays a role here.  In my organization, each system could have backup data without the concern of locking down each system to hide backup data from the user.  (Small office, family business, ect.)

I was pondering if some way existed to have the Windows box reboot at a scheduled time and run some alternate boot option that brings up, say, a GNU/Linux distro that can standby for the appointed hour where data is either pushed or pulled to a partition containing extra space.  After, the system can initiate a shutdown and be available in the morning for power-on, as per usual.  (Kind of out of left field, but something I dreamt recently.)


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