[Dirvish] solution for "ERROR: no master configuration file"

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jun 10 10:48:01 UTC 2009

sandra at 3dicom.es wrote:
> Hello everybody. I'm a new user of dirvish and I had this error and
> looking for in the code of dirvish.pl I knew that the var CONFDIR was
> null, so I've included this line in the beginning:
> $CONFDIR = "/etc/dirvish";
> So, it finds the file master.conf and I haven't any error.
> My question is, ¿is it a good solution?¿or is it a big mistake?¿can it
> cause any others problems?

Did you install dirvish with install.sh?

That should have added that line at the start of the program when it
installed it, as well as completing various other steps.

You should be running 'dirvish', not 'dirvish.pl'

Cheers, Dave

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