[Dirvish] dirvish-expire very slow

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jan 13 10:22:40 UTC 2009

Arjan Schrijver wrote:
> The backup sizes vary from a few hundred MB's to a few GB's per server.
> The speed of the backup itself is quite good, but after the backup we 
> start dirvish-expire, which takes about 6 hours, and sometimes even up 
> to 10 hours or more.
> Is this normal?

I don't know but my guess would be it is the file deletion that is
taking the bulk of the time. This will depend on the type of filesystem
and mount type and options.

You could choose an image that is going to be deleted and then delete it
manually with rm and see how long that takes.

HTH, Dave

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