[Dirvish] Exclude all dev directories

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Mon Feb 23 11:28:29 UTC 2009

On Mon 23 Feb 2009, Jenny Hopkins wrote:
> I want to exclude all directories and subdirectories that are called /dev/
> My backup contains a lot of development work on other hardware, and
> I'm finding the backup is reporting failed due to trying to back up
> non-regular files, e.g.
> IO error encountered -- skipping file deletion
> skipping non-regular file "home/wookey/acapela-bits/i386-lenny/dev/full"

Normally rsync shouldn't have any trouble copying the device nodes...
If you're running dirvish as a non-superuser, then that might explain

might be a better fix in that case.

> If I put
> exclude:
> */dev/
> in my master conf, will this have the desired effect?

No, list items need some white space before the values, so at the least
add a space before the *.  Also, the pattern won't work, as '*' does not
match slashes; you'd need "**/dev/" although "dev/" should work just as
well. Resulting in:



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