[Dirvish] Dirvish Improvements

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Mon Feb 9 13:38:43 UTC 2009

Good initiative, a couple of comments / questions:

On Mon 09 Feb 2009, Dominik Schulz wrote:

> Changes:
> - Concurrent Backups with dirvish-runall (using Threads)

Without having looked at the code, how is this implemented?
Can you define how many to run in parallel? Does it try to connect to
different clients, instead of hammering one client may times in

> - Handling of SIGnals. A "kill <PID of dirvish>" will (try to) properly shut 
> down dirvish and remove the unfinished backup

I'd like a way of continuing interrupted backups, which would mean
leaving unfinished backups in place.  There would have to be some sort
of status kept somewhere so that a future run knows how to continue.

> - Locking for dirvish-runall (default: /var/run/dirvish.pid), dirvish 
> ($vault/dirvish.pid) and dirvish-expire (/var/run/dirvish-expire.pid)

Hmm, not to sure about dirvish itself, as I have been known to --init a
new backup while dirvish-runall (and hence dirvish also) is running.

> - Place a symlink to the most-recent image inside the vault

I use "image-temp: latest" for that...

> - Removed dependency on File::Find

Why? That's part of standard perl, so should always be available;
I see no point in rewriting things yourself just for the sake of it.

Paul Slootman

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