[Dirvish] Dirvish Improvements

Dominik Schulz lkml at ds.gauner.org
Mon Feb 9 11:49:39 UTC 2009

Dear User and Developer of Dirvish,

for some time now the development of Dirvish has remained static.
Since I'm using Dirivish for a long time now, and I'm very happy with it,
I'd like it to be well maintained. The existing code base seems to be rather 
stable and dependable, but the code is rather messy. Recently I did implement 
some new features into Dirvish and after that I did try to clean the code up a 
bit. Right now I've changed about every third line of code and implemented 
several new features, along with some cleanup.

Before I commit my changes to my branch of the official repository, I'd like 
someone to have a look at my modifications and test it a bit. I'm using my 
code, but since my Dirivsh setup is rather simple - no remote clients, no pre- 
or post- scripts - I won't catch all bugs myself.

You can download my code either as a tarball [1] or as a Debian (sid) package 

Below is a list of my modifications to the code. If you test my code please 
take utmost care and always remember: It's better to have two sets of backups 
than none.

Suggestions and criticism is always welcome, but please be kind with me :)

I'm also working on a Webinterface for dirvish, but since this can have 
serious security implications and the code is much to immature I will not 
release this to the public for some while.

- Concurrent Backups with dirvish-runall (using Threads)
- Preliminary setup script (subject to change)
- Handling of SIGnals. A "kill <PID of dirvish>" will (try to) properly shut 
down dirvish and remove the unfinished backup
- Locking for dirvish-runall (default: /var/run/dirvish.pid), dirvish 
($vault/dirvish.pid) and dirvish-expire (/var/run/dirvish-expire.pid)
- Place a symlink to the most-recent image inside the vault
- Use nice to limit CPU usage (Configuration Option: nice: x)
- Use ionice to limit IO usage (Configuarion Option: ionice: x)
- Simplified Makefile
- Restricted expire walk (see [3])
- Text Booleans (see [4])
- Removed dependency on File::Find
- use strict
- use warnings
- Renamed DirvishHack.pm to Dirvish.pm
- Introduced dirvish-restore to interactively restore files

1 - http://developer.gauner.org/dirvish/dirvish-1.3.2-r657.tar.bz2
2 - http://developer.gauner.org/dirvish/dirvish_1.3.2-r657-1_all.deb
3 - http://wiki.dirvish.org/index.cgi?RestrictExpireWalk
4 - http://wiki.dirvish.org/index.cgi?TextBooleans

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards
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