[Dirvish] Dirvish - ignore 'Device or resource busy'?

Eric Searcy emsearcy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 15:50:37 UTC 2008

hanj wrote:
> Hello
> I think I want to avoid this, it'll use too much disk. Won't NTBackup
> just make a large .bkf file? Which will be different every night when
> dirvish runs? Also, new TDB files could be created/deleted, so just
> selecting those in NTBackup will add just another thing 'to-do' for the
> backup. As it stands now, it's very simple and takes little involvement
> from anyone when the image changes.
> I'm hoping for a 'easy' solution, since we're dealing with < 10 .TDB
> files causing problems on a semi daily basis. I'm hoping for a rsync
> flag (not really seeing anything) that can ignore those files if
> they're locked or move them if they're free.

No, my suggested solution *doesn't* use NTBackup, I just mentioned it
because VSS is what NTBackup uses to avoid file-locking.  You'd still be
using rsync to back up the volume, you just have to use the script I
linked to in order to create a VSS snapshot first.  Because the VSS
snapshot is a read-only version of your disk, none of the files can be

And no, this doesn't actually use extra space just to create the
snapshot.  You *can* use VSS to make a copy, but usually the use is to
make a `clone'.  A clone shares the same bits with the copy, and then it
does copy-on-write so that the point-in-time snapshot is saved while
still making changes.  So you only would need extra space to store any
*changes* that happen during the dirvish run; after that you blow away
the clone so the space is recovered by freeing the saved blocks of files
that had had changes made.


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