[Dirvish] A conceptual doubt

Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda leo at alaxarxa.net
Wed Jun 4 14:06:04 UTC 2008


changing my current configuration using nfs (local) to another one with rsync 
and I have realised that probably I have a missunderstand the dirvish 
program. So, I would like to ask you if I have done a big mistake.

I have a box (ris) with the /home of my users. I have another box (ulises) 
where I would like to put the backup files. If I mount (nfs) the partition 
from ulises to ris, and I run dirvish in ris, I can do a local backup, as I 
have done.

But,  but reading again the documentation I have found that, if I want to use 
my transport as ssh, I would need to run dirvish in ulises, not in ris, 
because the server is the box where the backup is stored and the client is 
the box where I take the files from.

Is this correct? Or can I run dirvish in one box and store the files in 
another box using ssh?



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